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Security - Spybot Install

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How to install Spybot - Search & Destroy

Download the installation file from:

Double-click on the file to start the installation

Select Language

Select setup language - pick the desired language from the pull down menu choices. English is the default language. Click on OK to accept the default (English).


Welcome to the Spybot … - click Next to continue the installation.

License Agreement

License agreement - select ‘I accept the agreement’ and click Next.

Install Path

Select Destination Location – click Next to use the default location.

Select Components

Select Components - Uncheck ‘Icons for starting blind…’ and ‘Additional languages’.  Check ‘Skins…’ and ‘Download Updates…’, then click Next.

Start Menu Folder

Select Start Menu Folder - Click Next to accept default selection.

Additional Tasks

Select Additional Tasks - Leave ‘Use system settings protection (TeaTimer)’ unselected (more on this program later) and click Next.


Ready to Install - Click on Install.


Include updates Setup - click on Install to run the update it just downloaded.

Install Progress

Click close to continue.


Completing Spybot-S&D Setup Wizard – Leave ‘Run SpybotSD.exe’ selected and click Finish.

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