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This is just a site I've setup for self-education and assisting others.

I am from a lot of places, but currently am in Churchill, MT. I was introduced to computers when I was 5 or 6 and started programming when I was 8 years old. My first computer was a Commodore Vic20. When I was a freshman in high school, my family bought it's first IBM PC, a Packard Bell 386SX-16MHz. That's when I started my self-education in DOS. I made a custom boot disc for every game.

When I was in the military I built a PC. It had a Cyrix 166, 16 MB RAM, and a 3 GB HD. I later upgraded it to an AMD K6-2 350, 160 MB RAM, 64 MB AGP 3-D Graphics, 10 GB & 3 GB HDs. It's been an endless battle ever since.

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Computers - I have a degree in Information Systems, several certifications, and am an IT Coordinator. I also do IT work on the side (evenings/weekends). Let's not forget one of the best uses for a computer...Gaming!

NFL - GAME ON! Only the best sport to watch on TV. Not to mention Fantasy Football & the greatest team in the league: The San Francisco 49ers!

Autos - I like cars of various types. I don't subscribe to a particular genre of cars, I like what I think is cool. Eventually, I will have to catch up to Jay Leno on my collection. For right now I have one, with a buttload to go. Below are some of my favorite car related Web sites:

Travel - My family and I love traveling around the US. See my favorites page for some great travel sites for booking tickets, or just to find out information on your destination.