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Welcome is now NetSec.Pro! The focus of this site is still security. As the site has developed over the years, it was time for the name to more accurately fit the content. The forwards for PEBCAC will remain in place for quite some time. Over the next few months, the security distinction will become more clear with more information for the enterprise.

All of my pages are W3C compliant. This will keep the site cleaner and easier to navigate across the various browsers.

Free Software Alternatives for Windows

Probably the biggest complaint about a PC is that, out of the box, the applications are weak or non-existent. I recently had to redo my machine so I delved into finding as much free software as I could. $300 for Office, $30 for AV, $30 for anti-spyware, $60 for CD/DVD burning, etc. Not to mention the annual subscriptions for updates. I just want to pay for hardware and games (I'm looking into free games). How-to


I mainly set this up to learn about email administration. This is about the only way to get experience without it being a part of your job. I feel to be good at security, you need to know a little bit about everything.
If you have an account, click the following link for access: Webmail
You may need to accept a lot of certificate stuff to get in since it is self-signed.

NetSec.Pro Forums

An addition I made in the summer of '05 on a virtual machine and later migrated it to my server after I finished moving (I have already had the privilege of migrating it to another server after the first one died). It was an interesting experience and I have a document on how I set it up: phpBB forum on Windows 2000 Server I can't take all the credit for that as it shows. I used a document created by a couple of other guys and made a fair amount of changes and updates. It was quite a chore because most people setup phpBB on Apache.

A while ago, I moved from Windows 2000 Server to Linux. This took quite a bit of work but was easier than I thought it would be. The performance is way better along with the stability.