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 +====== Travian - Browser Game ======
 +===== INTRO =====
 +Well, here we go, my first review. I am not a writer or
 +   a journalist, so don't expect anything wordy or eloquent
 +   &​lt;​- big word for me. I am just an IT guy who likes to play
 +   video games. I am not the best at any game, nor am I the
 +   ​worst...usually. I've been playing video games since about
 +   the age of 6. I cut my teeth on the Atari with games like
 +   ​Combat,​ Maze Craze, and the immortal Pac-Man. Enough about
 +   me, I'm supposed to be talking about
 +   ​[[http://​​|Travian]].
 +   <​div style''"​margin-left:​ 40px;"><​img alt''"​image caption"​ src''"​../​../​../​../​fossgamer/​reviews/​browser/​images/​karthago.jpg"></​img></​div>​
 +I heard about it on a set of forums I frequent
 +   ( [[http://​​forum/​|MSU Hivemind]])
 +   and thought I would check it out. Turned out to be pretty fun.
 +   It was a little slow at first, but after you get a couple of
 +   ​villages going, it gets more interesting.
 +Travian is like a RTS in slow motion. You collect and
 +   ​manage resources, construct buildings, conduct research, and
 +   amass large armies. The basic point of the game is to collect
 +   ​artifacts and build a wonder of the world. The tough part
 +   ​ is everybody else. Check out the 60 second
 +   ​[[http://​​tutorial.php|tutorial]] and their
 +   ​[[http://​​index.php|help site]].
 +Travian'​s documentation is very impressive, especially
 +   when compared to other online browser games. This article is
 +   ​longer than some of help pages I've come across. They also have
 +   ​forums setup (as would be expected) so you can ask any questions
 +   that are not covered on the help site.
 +===== PROS =====
 +  ***Support**<​br />
 +      From what I've seen, their support is top notch compared to most.  If you include all the 3rd party fan-based support, it's even better.
 +  ***Community**<​br />
 +      Travian has a large following that makes for challenging and entertaining play.
 +  ***Built-in Communication Features**<​br />
 +      There are built-in messaging, alliance comms and forums.
 +===== CONS =====
 +  ***Gold**<​br />
 +      To compete with the leaders, you have to spend Gold. Gold costs money. Now the game is not FREE.
 +  ***Demanding for some**<​br />
 +      Some people I've talked to found it rather demanding. To be more competitive you need to be checking in throughout the day. Many were expecting a nice relaxing game that you check several times a week.
 +===== SUMMARY =====
 +In the scheme of things, Travian is an excellent browser game.  My biggest gripe would be the cost (in real money) to buy Gold. I honestly feel it is a little pricey for the game...especially when compared to !WoW or better yet Xbox Live.  If you decide to give it a try, don't be afraid to talk to people. ​ Join an alliance. ​ Don't be a douche to people because you'll probably get pwned. ​ Stay civil and you'll have a great time.  I definitely recommend the game.
 +-- FredPettis - 04 Jun 2009
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