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 +====== Taiwan, Province of China  ======
 +# ISO Code: TW<br /># Total Networks: 422<br /># Total Subnets:  24,​680,​704<​br />​​16<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​15<​br />​​15<​br />​​13<​br />​​14<​br />​​14<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​17<​br />​​18<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​15<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​13<​br />​​14<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​15<​br />​​14<​br />​​14<​br />​​14<​br />​​20<​br />​​13<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​21<​br />​​15<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​17<​br />​​16<​br />​​14<​br />​​20<​br />​​12<​br />​​15<​br />​​16<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​21<​br />​​16<​br />​​14<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​16<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​20<​br />​​13<​br />​​14<​br />​​16<​br />​​15<​br />​​16<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​17<​br />​​20<​br />​​11<​br />​​21<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​15<​br />​​16<​br />​​13<​br />​​21<​br />​​19<​br />​​15<​br />​​21<​br />​​17<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​19<​br />​​17<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​16<​br />​​14<​br />​​15<​br />​​15<​br />​​17<​br />​​21<​br />​​19<​br />​​14<​br />​​16<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​20<​br />​​16<​br />​​17<​br />​​20<​br />​​13<​br />​​15<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​14<​br />​​13<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​15<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​15<​br />​​12<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​23<​br />​​22<​br />​​21<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​22<​br />​​24<​br />​​23<​br />​​21<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​20<​br />​​21<​br />​​22<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​23<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​23<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​17<​br />​​19<​br />​​22<​br />​​24<​br />​​24<​br />​​23<​br />​​21<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​22<​br />​​24<​br />​​19<​br />​​23<​br />​​22<​br />​​22<​br />​​19<​br />​​23<​br />​​23<​br />​​21<​br />​​16<​br />​​19<​br />​​21<​br />​​20<​br />​​16<​br />​​19<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​21<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​24<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​14<​br />​​14<​br />​​14<​br />​​22<​br />​​22<​br />​​21<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​22<​br />​​20<​br />​​18<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​23<​br />​​21<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​24<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​24<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​22<​br />​​21<​br />​​20<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​22<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​16<​br />​​14<​br />​​14<​br />​​14<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​16<​br />​​18<​br />​​17<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​16<​br />​​17<​br />​​18<​br />​​19<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​20<​br />​​20<​br />​​19<​br />​​18<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​15<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​14<​br />​​14<​br />​​14<​br />​​16<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​16<​br />​​14<​br />​​15<​br />​​15<​br />​​13<​br />​​16<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​15<​br />​​17<​br />​​17<​br />​​16<​br />​​15<​br />​​15<​br />​​15<​br />​​15<​br />​​18<​br />​​17<​br />​​18<​br />​​18<​br />​​17<​br />​​16<​br />​​15<​br />​​14<​br />​​13<​br />​​20<​br />​​15<​br />​​22<​br />​​18<​br />​​19<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​16<​br />​​17
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