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 +====== Sync New AD Password to Laptop ======
 +  -. Logon to Windows using an account with administrator priveleges.
 +  -. Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Setup up a connection or network -> “Connect to a workplace” (OR “Set up a dial-up connection”).
 +  -. Check the checkbox to “Allow other people to use this connection” (so that the owner of the VPN/DUN configuration will be System and not your individual user).
 +  -. Complete the wizard and save the connection.
 +  -. Logout (don't just lock the screen).
 +  -. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to log on and you will be presented with the logon screen for the user that last logged in. Press**Esc** or click**Switch User** to view other logon options.
 +  -. There will now appear a blue button near the lower-right corner, just to the left of the red Shut Down button.<​br /> Click the blue button. If you have more than one System-owned VPN/DUN configuration,​ then all of them will appear here as buttons that can be clicked, in which case you click the one you want to use.
 +  -. If prompted, type the username and password for the DUN connection and click the round, blue button to connect. <br /> A dialog appears, showing the progress of the connection attempt.
 +After the connection is established,​ Windows will use the same credentials to log into Windows. If that fails, the VPN/DUN connection remains active, and you will be taken back to the Windows logon screen to submit Windows credentials.
 +Your laptop should now have the new credentials. ​ You can logout, then log back in normally to the domain.
 +===== References =====
 +  * [[http://​​2009/​11/​05/​log-on-using-dial-up-connection-is-gone-in-windows-7/​]]
 +  * [[http://​​kb/​818088]]
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 2012-06-06
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