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 +====== RedHat Networking ======
 +This section discusses connecting a Linux system to a
 +network and/or the Internet.
 +<​li><​a href''"#​netconfig">​Configuring the network settings the easy way</​a>​
 +</​li><​li><​a href''"#​setup">​Setting your hostname, IP address, netmask, gateway, DNS server via files</​a>​
 +</​li><​li><​a href''"#​ifconfig">​Using ifconfig and route</​a>​
 +</​li><​li><​a href''"#​trouble">​Troubleshooting</​a>​
 +<a name''"​netconfig"></​a>​
 +<​h3>​Configuring the network settings the easy way</​h3>​
 +Configuring your network is very easy with Red Hat Linux and
 +much of it (if not all of it) is done when you install Linux.
 +You can change the network configuration by clicking
 +on the Red Hat in the bottom left corner of your screen,
 +then **System Settings--&​gt;​Network**. ​ You will be guided
 +through the steps to configuring your network.
 +<a href''"​http://​​docs/​manuals/​linux/​RHL-9-Manual/​custom-guide/​ch-network-config.html"​ target''"​_blank">​The process id described here</​a>​ and an
 +example is shown next:
 +<img src''"​images/​network.png"​ alt''"​linux network configuration">​
 +<a name''"​setup">​
 +</​a><​h3><​a name''"​setup">​Setting your hostname, IP address, netmask, gateway, DNS
 +server via files</​a></​h3>​
 +<a name''"​setup">​It is sometimes helpful to know what is going on behind the scenes
 +or if you want to modify the network configuration via changing
 +<a name''"​setup">​For example, assume you want to modify the network configuration
 +by modifying files with the following:
 +<​li><​a name''"​setup">​hostname:​ **summer**
 +</​a></​li><​li><​a name''"​setup">​domainname:​ ****
 +</​a></​li><​li><​a name''"​setup">​Static IP address: ****
 +</​a></​li><​li><​a name''"​setup">​Netmask:​ ****
 +</​a></​li><​li><​a name''"​setup">​Gateway:​ ****
 +</​a></​li><​li><​a name''"​setup">​Primary DNS server: ****
 +</​a></​li><​li><​a name''"​setup">​Secondary DNS server: ****
 +<a name''"​setup">​Networking is set up in 4 files:
 +<​li><​a name''"​setup">​**/​etc/​sysconfig/​network
 +**</​a></​li><​li><​a name''"​setup">​**/​etc/​sysconfig/​network-scripts/​ifcfg-eth0
 +**</​a></​li><​li><​a name''"​setup">​**/​etc/​resolv.conf
 +<a name''"​setup">​First,​ add your host to the **/​etc/​hosts** file:
 +</​a><​div class''"​example">​
 +<​code><​a name''"​setup">#​ The next line "​"​ is needed. Do not remove it.
 + ​      ​localhost.localdomain localhost
 +** ​  ​summer**
 +<a name''"​setup">​Your **/​etc/​sysconfig/​network** file would be:
 +</​a><​div class''"​examplebold">​
 +<​code><​a name''"​setup">​NETWORKING''​yes
 +<a name''"​setup">​Your **/​etc/​sysconfig/​network-scripts/​ifcfg-eth0**:​
 +</​a><​div class''"​examplebold">​
 +<​code><​a name''"​setup">​DEVICE''​eth0
 +<a name''"​setup">​DNS servers are set in: **/​etc/​resolv.conf**. An example:
 +</​a><​div class''"​examplebold">​
 +<​code><​a name''"​setup">​domain //​​
 +search //​​
 +nameserver //​​
 +nameserver //​​
 +<a name''"​ifconfig"></​a>​
 +<​h3>​Using ifconfig and route</​h3>​
 +You normally would not need to use **ifconfig** or
 +**route** unless you
 +want to change your IP address, disable the Ethernet interface, etc.
 +change your gateway, etc.
 +This is sometimes helpful, so the information is here.
 +To set an ip address:
 +<div class''"​examplebold">​
 +<​code>​ifconfig eth0 netmask up
 +To set a default route or gateway ("​gw"​ ''​ "​gateway"​):​
 +</​p><​div class''"​examplebold">​
 +<​code>​route add default gw eth0
 +<a name''"​trouble"></​a>​
 +If your system is saying there is no Ethernet card found,
 +make sure the card is in the kernel.
 +</​p><​div class''"​example">​
 +<​code>​**modprobe eth0
 +dmesg | less
 +    **//Look for any info about eth0 to help track down the problem.
 +    //**
 +cat /​etc/​modules.conf**
 +    //Look for a line line this://
 +    **alias eth0 driver-name-like-wdi** or **3c503**
 +    ​
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 2010-06-24
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