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 +====== List all Processes from the Command-line ======
 +<​literal><​strong>​NOTE:</​strong>&​nbsp;​ This article applies to Windows XP Professional only. Windows XP Home Edition ​ does not have the WMIC (WMI command-line tool).</​literal>​
 +The following command-line outputs the list of running processes (with the complete command-line arguments used for each process) to a text file:
 +Click Start, Run and type**CMD**
 +Type the command given below exactly:
 +<​code><​verbatim style''"​color:​ #​000080;">​WMIC /​OUTPUT:​C:​\ProcessList.txt PROCESS get  Caption,​Commandline,​Processid</​file></​code>​
 +<​code><​verbatim style''"​color:​ #​000080;">​WMIC /​OUTPUT:​C:​\ProcessList.txt path  win32_process get Caption,​Processid,​Commandline</​file></​code>​
 +Now, open the file**C:​\ProcessList.txt**. You can see the details of all the processes in that file.
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 2010-08-14
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