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 +====== Install VMware ESXi 4.x on a Dell !OptiPlex 980 ======
 +===== Background =====
 +Initially, I thought that the storage controller was not supported. ​ I realized later that it was the unsupported NIC chipset that was the culprit. ​ I was having trouble finding detailed instructions on how to build a custom install. ​ After installing ESXi to a flash drive on one system and booting it on the 980, this is the workaround I came up with.
 +  - Placed a drive from the 980 into a 620
 +  - Installed ESXi 4.x to the drive
 +  - Placed the drive back in the 980
 +You now have it installed, but with no network support.
 +  - Boot to a Linux live CD
 +  - Copy the essential files and make the necessary edits
 +  - Reboot to the drive and configure as normal
 +In the oem.tgz I've modified the etc/​vmware/​ to include the line:
 +8086:10ef 3041:103c network e1000e
 +and modified the etc/​vmare/​pci.ids to include the lines (under the Intel Corp section):
 +      -0ef  82578DM Gigabit Network Connection (SCI to e1000e)
 +                3041 103c  HP Compaq Elite (SCI to e1000e)
 +==== References ====
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 2010-07-23
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