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 +====== Check Disk Usage in Linux ======
 +Once you are connected to the server via SSH, run the following command:
 +<​file>#​ df -h</​file>​
 +This will output the usage of each partition in the server. To list the size of a specific directory, run the following command:
 +<​file>#​ du -sh /​home/</​file>​
 +If you want to list all the subdirectory sizes under /home, run the following command:
 +<​file>#​ du -sh /​home/​**</​file>​
 +The output of the '​df'​ command will show you overall disk usage. To find out how much space a give directory is used us the 'du -s ' command. ​
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 2011-02-17
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