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 +====== diskpart ​ ======
 +Microsoft !DiskPart syntax:<​br />​        diskpart [/s &​lt;​script&​gt;​] [/?]
 +        /s &​lt;​script&​gt;​ - Use a !DiskPart script.<​br />​        /?​          - Show this help screen.
 +ADD         - Add a mirror to a simple volume.<​br />​ACTIVE      - Marks the current basic partition as an active boot partition.<​br />​ASSIGN      - Assign a drive letter or mount point to the selected volume.<​br />​BREAK       - Break a mirror set.<br />​CLEAN       - Clear the configuration information,​ or all information,​ off the<br />​              disk.<br />​CONVERT     - Converts between different disk formats.<​br />​CREATE      - Create a volume or partition.<​br />​DELETE      - Delete an object.<​br />​DETAIL      - Provide details about an object.<​br />​EXIT        - Exit !DiskPart<​br />​EXTEND      - Extend a volume.<​br />​HELP        - Prints a list of commands.<​br />​IMPORT      - Imports a disk group.<​br />​LIST        - Prints out a list of objects.<​br />​INACTIVE    - Marks the current basic partition as an inactive partition.<​br />​ONLINE      - Online a disk that is currently marked as offline.<​br />​REM         - Does nothing. Used to comment scripts.<​br />​REMOVE      - Remove a drive letter or mount point assignment.<​br />​REPAIR      - Repair a RAID-5 volume.<​br />​RESCAN      - Rescan the computer looking for disks and volumes.<​br />​RETAIN      - Place a retainer partition under a simple volume.<​br />​SELECT      - Move the focus to an object.<​br />
 +-- FredPettis - 01 May 2009
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