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 +====== Schedule & Automate disk cleanup, chkdsk, & defrag ======
 +Basically what I wanted to do was automate these three things that I do every once in a while on my machine (& that I always have to do on other'​s machines). I created a set of vbscript files to take care of things for me. I also put it into a self-extracting archive that installs it.
 +I came across some things that are similar to this, but I wanted to do it with just tools that are included with XP. I also wanted it fully automated. Others I've seen reboot, then wait for you to login...unless you have Windows logging in automatically.
 +One of the goals I had with this is to make it secure. It was a little tricky because I had to create an admin user & use the autoadmin logon feature to get to the defrag part automatically. I've done some testing and it appears to work nicely with two reboots.
 +These are still works in progress. I am not responsible for any damage they may do to a system.
 +Here is the link for the package:\\
 +Here is the link for the readme file:\\
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