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 +====== Create an ISO Image ======
 +<p>Do not mount CD. Verify if cd is mounted or not with mount command:</​p>​
 +<p class''"​code">#​ mount</​p>​
 +<p>If cd was mouted automatically unmout it with umount command:</​p>​
 +<p class''"​code">#​ umount /​dev/​cdrom</​p>​
 +<p class''"​code">#​ umount /​mnt/​cdrom</​p>​
 +<​p>​Create CD-ROM ISO image with dd command:</​p>​
 +<p class''"​code">#​ dd if''/​dev/​cdrom of''/​tmp/​cdimg1.iso</​p>​
 +<​li><​strong>​ if''/​dev/​cdrom</​strong>:​ Read from /dev/cdrom (raw format)</​li>​
 +<​li><​strong>​ of''/​tmp/​cdimg1.iso</​strong>:​ write to FILE cdimg1.iso i.e. create an ISO image</​li>​
 +<​p>​Now you can use cdimg1.iso for hard disk installation or as a backup copy of cd. Please note that dd command is standard UNIX command and you should able to create backup/iso image under any UNIX like operating system.</​p>​
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 04 Mar 2009
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