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 +====== Clone a Single Hard Drive to a RAID Drive ======
 +  * Create your RAID array
 +**NOTE:** Be sure to have your RAID driver disk ready.
 +  * Start the Windows install
 +  * Press F6 to specify additional drivers
 +  * Insert driver disk
 +  * Press S to specify the drivers for your RAID controller and continue with the installation
 +  * After the install is complete, boot to the UBCD4Windows
 +  * Copy all the files from the single drive to the RAID drive -**DON'​T CLONE/IMAGE THE PARTITION**
 +  * Reboot to the RAID drive
 +You should now have a perfect copy on your RAID drive with all the updates (if Windows was up to date on the single drive).
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 21 Apr 2009
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