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 +====== Boost Firefox Performance ======
 +I've been using Firefox since before v1.0.  It is my favorite browser with a lot of great add-ons. ​ While Mozilla is continuously striving to improve stability and performance,​ they are still behind in some areas IMHO.  Personally, I feel the main area of improvement needed is in memory management. ​ Firefox has a tendency to ramp up memory utilization,​ but it never really goes down even after closing tabs.  It has gotten better, but until each tab gets a process I don't think it will be able to be fixed. ​ For now, here are a number of tweaks and tools to improve performance and memory usage.
 +===== Keep you opened tab count as low as possible =====
 +If you're running Windows 7 64 bit with only 4 GB's of RAM, keep it under 100 and restart it every few days.  If you're using a session manager, you will just have to log back in to some sites.
 +===== Reduce cache size =====
 +  - Click on the Firefox menu, and go to Options
 +  - Go to Advanced
 +  - Select the Network tab
 +  - Check the Override automatic cache management box
 +  - Set the cache size (I cut what Firefox had in half)
 +  - Click the OK button
 +===== Delete history =====
 +  - Click on the Firefox menu, and go to Options
 +  - Go to Privacy
 +  - Under History...
 +  - Click Clear your recent history
 +  - Expand Details
 +  - Select what you want to delete
 +  - Select the time frame from the dropdown
 +  - Click the Clear Now button
 +  - For a long term automatic cleansing
 +  - Set to Use custom settings for history or Never remember history
 +  - Check the boxes if you want history on those items
 +  - Check Clear history when Firefox closes
 +  - Click the Settings... button and then select the items you want Firefox to delete upon closting
 +  - Click the OK button
 +===== If you're using session and tab managers, reduce the number of closed tabs and the number of previous sessions =====
 +===== Disable prefetch to reduce HDD activity, or leave enabled to possibly improve related page load times =====
 +===== Speedyfox =====
 +===== What did NOT help =====
 +These are some other things I read about that said would help, but didn't really work for me.
 +==== Minimem ====
 +This allows you to reduce the memory footprint of running applications. ​ It appeared to work, but Firefox was fighting to get the memory it needed and this caused some lag.</ br>
 +==== RAMdisk ====
 +It almost seemed to make matters worse. ​ The delays and hangs did not go away.  I did not like the fact that Avast found it suspicious as well.</ br>
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 2012-03-21
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