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 +====== Audio Ripping and Conversion ======
 +Tools used:
 +  * [[Main.Multimedia#​CDex|CDex]]
 +  * [[Main.Multimedia#​FLAC|FLAC]]
 +  * [[Main.Multimedia#​Foobar2000|Foobar2000]]
 +  * LAME - http://​​Lame_Encoder_download.htm
 +Download and install CDex, FLAC, and Foobar2000.<​br />
 +Download the LAME MP3 encoder. I just recommend extracting it to C:\Program Files\LAME<​br />
 +[[UseCDextoriptheCDto WAV format]].<​br />
 +Use the FLAC front-end or point Foobar to flac.exe and convert the WAV file to a FLAC file.<br />
 +This provides the same quality, but at just over 70% of the size. Now that you have them stored in a lossless format, you can convert them to a lossy format that is much smaller for use with portable devices.<​br />
 +I generally just use Foobar to go to a 192kbps MP3. This takes the file to roughly 8-10 MBs.<br />
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 12 May 2009
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