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 +I built my new system a few months ago, and noticed that red and blue are reversed on web pages. It was just an annoyance at first, but eventually I had to fix it. It took a little googling but I found the [[http://​​en-US/​kb/​Web+site+colors+are+wrong|solution]].
 +For some reason ATI drivers have trouble with standard font smoothing in Windows. You either have to disable it altogether or set it to ClearType.
 +  * Right click on your desktop background
 +  * Select Properties
 +  * Select the Appearance tab
 +  * Click the Effects button
 +  * Either uncheck the option for smoothing edges or set it to ClearType
 +  * Click Ok twice to set the option
 +-- FredPettis - 21 Aug 2008
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