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 +====== '​Always display images'​ in Gmail Doesn'​t Stick ======
 +I had this happen to me recently and I was using Firefox 3.0.9-10. Basically, every time I logged into Gmail, I would have to click the link to '​Always display images'​ for every email with an image. The setting wouldn'​t stick between sessions. I found that I had to clear the cache and cookies of the browser, then log into Gmail and click the link for each address. It now sticks between sessions.
 +  - Tools->​Options->​Privacy->​Clear Now (Make sure 'Ask me before clearing private data' is checked)
 +  - Check Cache and Cookies
 +  - Click the 'Clear private data now' button
 +-- Main.FredPettis - 22 May 2009
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